That special and beautiful time of the year is approaching fast, and we are all starting to think about what to get our loved ones. It sure is enough to make your head spin when thinking about all the preparations required for Christmas. Presents for Christmas Day, but also stocking stuffers are needed. The beautiful thing about personalized gifts from an online shop such as is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get something special — the personal message on the item makes it unique and special for the gift recipient. Also, you’ll find it easier to stick within your budget: you can compare different items comfortably from your living-room couch. No long waiting lines at the mall store, followed by a rushed decision. For a small fee, we even gift-wrap your items in festive, gender-neutral Christmas wrapping, so you can relax, and get more quality time out of Christmas with your loved ones! And we came up with an extra service to put the joy back in Christmas for you: if you select to add a Christmas card and supply us with the text, we will write a Christmas card for you in beautiful handwriting and in traditional fountain-pen ink and include this card in your gift package—also for a small fee. It is up to you how much preparation work you want to be free of, and reclaim some of that peaceful Christmas spirit.

     And now, without much further ado, let us look at some of the wonderful gift ideas we have in stock for you, some of them specially ordered for this Christmas season and just arrived!

Gift Idea #1: Classic, Personalized Black Ballpoint Pen With Gift Box

A classy ink pen in black with silver or gold trim is always a welcomed gift for young and old. People lose their pens, break their pens, and one should always have several on hand (since you can never find one when you need it). A beautiful engraving that reads “Merry Christmas, John” or “To my beautiful wife” elevates the pen multifold, and makes it a treasured item for years to come. But we don’t only have metal pens, we also have 100% recycled paper pens, and wooden Bamboo pens, which both also engrave beautifully. We have many different fonts for your choosing, so pick the one you adore!

Personalized Recycled Paper Pens

Gift Idea #2: Personalized Wallets

Our wallets make excellent gifts as they are thoughtful and practical and with a personal touch thanks to our laser engraved personalization services. Not only do we have traditional leather wallets, but also beautiful vegan cork wallets, both available in light and dark brown. Thanks to the many different fonts we have available to choose from, the possibilities for personalizing this gift are endless. Put your giftee’s name on it or have a photo engraved of the two of you at your favorite vacation spot. Or also fun: have us put a witty saying on the wallet, as for example “Caution: Beware of the Moths Upon Opening!”. The sky’s the limit to your imagination when it comes to personalizing your gifts! By the way, our cork wallets and some of our real leather wallets include RFID blocking to protect your credit cards.

Gift Idea #3: Personalized Beer Mugs

Know someone who enjoys a stout ice-cold brew once in a while? We now carry glass beer mugs, which can be engraved in the most amazing and intricate designs, thanks to their larger surface areas. Check out the different designs available on our website to pick one or send us the text of your message that you would like etched into the glass. Get a whole set for your fiancé and his poker club etched with the words: “his name” Poker Club, in the middle of a gorgeous design. Or get a set for your grandpa who is a fan of Oktoberfest etched with the words “Grandpa George’s Special Oktoberfest Brew”. By the way, connoisseurs always drink their beer from a glass, and not from the bottle: only when poured the beer develops a nice head of foam and it can “breathe”, much like a wine. This makes for a tastier and more flavorful beer. It can even reduce or prevent stomach upset: Pouring the beer into a glass breaks up some of the CO2 in it, and prevents bloating. Not to mention that you also get to admire its beautiful golden to caramel or deep brown color! All our beer glasses and other glassware we sell at are laser engraved with top-quality laser engraving machines to produce a crisp clear mark every time.

Laser Etched Glassware

Gift Idea #3: Personalized Wooden Humidor

A wooden humidor is a very impressive and high-end gift. We now have in stock exquisite humidors out of Spanish Cedarwood with a Rosewood Piano Finish. Have us laser engrave text, such as “Merry Christmas 2021 to Jonathan” or “To the Best Husband in the World!” to create an extra-impressive gift. Or always very classy looking: the giftee’s initials in very cursive font either in the middle of the humidor or in the bottom right corner. And don’t forget: Unless stated otherwise, all our engravings are included free with the gift item.

Gift Idea #3: Personalized Tumblers

We all struggle to stay hydrated, and our newly-in-stock 30 oz. tumblers in a wide array of fun colors are the answer! These high-end Polar Camel brand-name tumblers with lids engrave beautifully: The engraving will come up in silver, thus matching the silver trim of the tumblers. We have lots of colors, such as orange, navy blue, aqua blue, and many more! They are suitable for hot and cold drinks and will fit most car beverage holders. Simply put the person’s name on it with one of the many fonts to choose from, or have us engrave a cute message like “Better Than Any Starbucks Coffee!” or “Warning: Only Approach After Coffee #3!” Of course, if you send us the image, we can engrave anything on it from a cute unicorn riding on a rainbow to your very own portrait photo. And as you pick out your personalized message feel great about how you are helping your friend keep countless disposable paper cups and lids from clogging up landfills.

Gift Idea #3: Personalized Cutting Boards

Have an aspiring chef in the family? Try one of our bamboo cutting boards with butcher block inlay. What a brilliant Christmas gift for a newly-wed couple, a passionate hobby chef, or a young professional who just moved into her first apartment! These cutting boards engrave beautifully with amazing designs. There are so many designs available; please check them all on our website at and get inspired. Since they are made from sustainable Bamboo wood you and your presentee(s) can feel proud that no trees were harmed for this gift creation. Here is a fun fact: Did you know that cutting boards made from wood release an antimicrobial compound each time you cut food on them? In university studies, wood cutting boards have been found to be superior to plastic or glass boards as they decrease the likelihood of foodborne illnesses thanks to their antimicrobial properties.         

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