Personalized Clear Glass Coffee Mug With Handle 13 oz Glass Mug Laser Etched

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Personalized 13 oz Glass Coffee Mugs With Handle

Your dark roasts, flavored teas, hot chocolates, and seasonal ciders will take center stage. Its timeless form and comfortable, rounded handle make it simple to use, and its clear construction showcases your most popular drinks from every angle. It's a terrific approach to mix up the monotony of conventional coffee cups and give your customers a better impression of your cafe or breakfast area. You can be sure that this mug will last because of its robust walls. Make sure you preheat your mugs or place a metal spoon inside to distribute heat before adding scalding hot drinks to prolong the life of the mugs.

This coffee mug is ideal for any diner, motel, home use, or café, thanks to its premium form and feel. This glass, which provides unmatched brightness and clarity, immediately makes it apparent that your consumers are getting the most incredible product and service.


Can I use this cup for hot, steaming beverages?

Always preheat the glass before adding steaming hot liquids. Alternatively, to further limit the risk of shattering, place a metal spoon inside the glass as you add hot liquids to help disperse the heat.

Are the capacities of drinkware and glassware precise liquid measurement?

The capacities of glasses and beverage containers are given in ounces and reflect an industry standard size's approximate maximum capacity. They should not be used as a gauge for serving capacity.

Dimensions overall: Size of the top: 3 3/8" 3 3/8" bottom diameter." 4 3/4 in. maximum diameter." Size: 3 3/4" 13 oz. of capacity.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in


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