Give A Personalized Pen As A Gift

Laser Engraved With Our In-house Laser Engravers

Our personalized pens are custom laser engraved with your name and or icon, they make a great gift for any event, such as birthday’s Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more. Join our newsletter and receive coupons, and special offers only available to our subscribers.

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  • Custom Engraved, Brass Ballpoint Pen With Gift Box

  • Laser Engraved, Personalized, Recycled Paper Pen

  • Laser Engraved Bamboo Pen Makes A Great Gift For Any Event

  • Laser Engraved Bamboo Pen with Silver Trim and Stylus Tip

    Laser Engraved Bamboo Pen with Silver Trim and Stylus Tip


Ideal Gift – Personalized Executive Pens

 Here are some compelling reasons why personalized pens make the best gift.

  •  They can be a good gift for almost anyone, your parents, your siblings, your romantic partner, your boss, co-worker, or your teacher. Everyone loves a pen engraved with a message or their name.
  • You can gift them on any occasion like Christmas, birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s day, thanksgiving day or on someone’s retirement, graduation, on getting a new job, or graduation to name a few.
  • Pens are available at any price from very expensive to affordable. You can gift branded pens like Mont Blanc, Waterman, Parker, and Cross to the not-so-expensive ones.
  • The recipient can be in any business from a factory worker, a truck driver to a company executive, or a business owner.
  • Pens last a lifetime. People proudly display a personalized pen gifted by a loved one years ago. Some pens the type of which are no longer manufactured become a rare possession.
  • You can get eco-friendly pens made from reprocessed plastic, bamboo, or recycled paper and get them engraved with a message of love, the name of the recipient, or a small icon of your choice in most cases at no-cost extra.
  • They encourage creativity, help people give expression to their innermost feelings, and help them to organize themselves.
  • Some of the beautiful personalized pens that can be gifted with or without an event or an occasion just to make an emotional statement at any time are available at Etcher Gifts. Each time it is taken out to write, people will look at it with envy and your loved one will remember your thoughtful act.

 Here are some of the pens you can order. The personalized pens are custom laser engraved with a name and an icon, and can be a wonderful gift for any event. The best part is that there are no hidden costs. Shipping is free and so is in-house engraving which is done fast and with great care. If you join the Etcher Gift newsletter, coupons and special offers will come your way.

 Eco Friendly, Personalized Genuine Bamboo Pen

Don’t be surprised to find this real bamboo eco-friendly lightweight and elegant pen within your reach at a highly affordable price. The permanent laser engraving gives this pen an elegant look and an ideal gift for any event such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, special events, awards, and more.

 Personalized, Recycled Paper Pen

This is a unique pen made from hundred percent recycled paper. It is personalized with free laser engraving of your choice of the recipient’s name or a creative message that you may think of to make this gift exclusive. It has a click top and uses black ink. It is brown in color. It is engraved and shipped free of cost the next business day of your order

Surprise your friends and loved one’s with this thoughtful gift with your message of love.

Laser Engraved Pen Gift, with Gift Box and Extra Refill

This shining black laser engraved pen  makes quite an impression on the colleagues of the person you give it to. It shows class and your loved ones or friends to whom you give it will use it with pride, thanking you for your very thoughtful gift.

This pen is made from metal and comes with a beautiful box. The laser engraving stands out on the body of the black beauty. It comes with an extra refill and is shipped anywhere in the USA free of cost!

It is not just a pen, it is the embodiment of beauty and grace in the hand of the person who holds it.

Interesting Facts About Pens

The earliest mention of a pen is found in writings on papyrus by ancient Egyptians.

 Pens were invented in Egypt in the year 2000 BC.  The first patent on the fountain pen was awarded by the French Government to a Romanian inventor, Petrache Poenaru on May 25, 1827. The first patent for a ballpoint pen was awarded on 30 October 1888 to John J. Loud of the USA.

 A pen, which looks so small, is however a valuable gift and a personalized gift, even more so. If a pen is personalized by engraving the name of the recipient it becomes a really personal and intimate act of respect or affection. It helps to transmit the thoughts which originate in the mind through the hand onto paper, one of the major reasons why we as human beings are where we are today, with the ability to accumulate knowledge and enable people to build on it over time.