About Etcher Gifts, LLC

Welcome to Etcher Gifts, we are a small, family-owned, and operated business. We offer a range of products, which can be personalized by us on-site and shipped from the USA.  The end result is the perfect gift for your friend, coworker, or loved one. Our goal is to make every customer so happy that they return or refer us to a friend.

We offer both laser engraving and the more traditional diamond drag engraving. Each engraving method has its own unique look and is used on different items.  For example, we usually engrave metal items with our diamond drag engraver because it leaves a deeper mark in metal, whereas we use our laser engraver to engrave our leather and glass items. Most of our products are personalized free.

The Very Best Gifts for Christmas

Why are Cork Wallets Sustainable?

     Sustainability is one of the keywords of the 21st century, and rightly so. As the world population increases, per capita consumption increases, and the planet’s natural resources are shrinking, we all look for ways to decrease our carbon...

Best Gifts for Men

     Ask around, and women, as well as men, will tell you that men can be very difficult to shop for. This goes especially for those men that “already have everything”. Fortunately, for all gift shoppers, this is where personalized gifts come in....

The Very Best Gifts for Christmas

     That special and beautiful time of the year is approaching fast, and we are all starting to think about what to get our loved ones. It sure is enough to make your head spin when thinking about all the preparations required for Christmas....

September 12th is Grandparents Day!

            If you are lucky enough to still have your grandparents, maybe even all four of them - or more (welcome patchwork families!) – then you might want to take the upcoming September 12 as the perfect...
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